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Great Savings at Natural Pet on All Natural Organic Pet foods for Dogs and Cats!

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Save 20% instantly on new Wholesome Homemade Dehydrated Dog Food at!

We here at Healthy Life For Pets believe in the Quality of feeding your pets The All natural and Organic way! Our pets are like our kids,part of the family and we want the best nutritional foods that can make them strong and healthy. All natural organic means Plant-based nutrients, not by-products preservatives and fillers which can be bad for your pet especially long term!

Lots of pet food manufacturers are starting to realize that people care a lot about what they are feeding their pets. You are seeing changes in the FDA regulations on labeling are getting stricter on pet food products. Being Truthful on All Natural terminology and descriptions in the labeling.

We promote our 2 main suppliers on our site like these 2 companies

Life’s Abundance

Only Natural Pet

They Both promote and sell All Natural Organic and Holistic pet foods. Sherry and I are representatives for Life’s Abundance which is a company started in 1994 in Jupiter Florida. They use a 3rd generation pet food making Family under the guidance of Dr. Jane Bicks a leading Vetrenarianand author in the pet field. She believes the healthiest way is creating recipes using Plant based sources in making their pet food and also adding in Live probiotics which as all of you have probably seen on TV with the Yogurt advertising¬† probiotics for a healthy gut. She and other professional staff with Life’s Abundance such as Kerry Glassman whom is also a leading Nutritionist in her field and has developed the Nutritional pet and human supplement line for Life’s Abundance.

Only natural pet has a variety of manufacturers that offer All natural Organic Pet foods and products as well as their own name labeled products which are very good as well.
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Sherry and I use both places when we do our pet food shopping,especially when Only Natural runs sales like these! Think about long term costs on your pet’s health with vet bills. People sometimes tend to just look at the lowest price and biggest quantity of product they can get for their pets. Do you think honestly that is a good way to think? Look at it like this when feeding yourself,if you buy a lot of unhealthy foods, chips snacks, sugary stuff or fatty stuff what happens? Do you gain weight right? plus add in the feeling of not feeling to well after you have eaten all the sugary stuff. usually, You feel tired and stomach feels yucky and you don’t want to move. Well, that’s from all the bad stuff you are putting into your body.

Well, pets tend to feel the same way because they can’t digest right some of the things you feed them. so now down the road, they gain weight, as well as you, do to you are getting sick more often because you are not eating the proper nutrition your body requires. Now long term you are going to the doctors more often, as well as your pets, have to visit the vets more for issues. So what I am getting at those costs you are starting to incur are adding up! When a lot of it could have been avoided by eating proper foods and that goes in feeding your pets better quality foods.

Pet vet bills are rising with pet issues like Diabetes and heart problems and that can be led back to what you have fed them. So do yourself a favor read the labels on ingredients stay away from Fillers,By-products, and preservatives in pet foods. Spending a little more will save you more in the long run with Vet bills!
Thank You for reading our posts! take advantage of The sales and savings at Natural Pet!

Enjoy Free Shipping sitewide at with code HOLIDAY.

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