Petcube Play The Best Pet Home Monitoring System Camera Talk and Play Review

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The Petcube Play What is it? What can it do?

Is it worth the price and monthly monitoring fee?

Just Released press news from Petcube for the New Exciting Petcube Play November 2016 Just in time for the Holidays!  petcube-play_white-2_p

So we are going to show you what Petcube Play is and what it can do.I wanted to do this review on this product because it is getting lots of attention in the media such as Cnet, Forbes,CNBC, Tech Crunch and many other News medias. Petcube is rated #1 in the pet monitoring camera world with top rated features.   petcube-bites_dog_interior-2

If you have read our posts you know we have a few pets of our own.1 German Shepherd named Nikki and 4 cats Abby,Sassy,Little-one and Tigger. All different breeds. Nikki is our newest addition she has been with us almost 1 1/2 years she is 2 now so still a puppy. She loves to play constantly, but the cats are not so eager to engage with her LOL.

Abby and Little-one are the elders they both are around 18yrs old so they are more prone to want to just relax. sassy is next at around 8 yrs old we call her our round kitty due to her being abit heavy. Now tigger is the only male and the youngest of the cats and he seems more to be interested in Nikki.The problem is Nikki being a puppy doesntrealize her stregth being a 55 pound GSD. She likes to pounce on Tigger and of course he meows but always seems to come back for more. Our fear was if we leave what will happen if Nikki is let loose to roam the house. We got to a point that we do not like locking her in a cage all day, we feel that is cruel but we do not want her to get hurt or get into something that is bad norhurt the cats.

So we started to search for some kind of new monitoring system camera or such that can help us and make sure everything is okay while we are not there.

I started to see ads around on social media of course about this camera home monitoring syatem called The PetCube. I thought this sounds interesting but what is it coing to cost me? Was it worth it? so we started to research it and came across articles in publications and finding peoples comments that already have purchased it.

Like this article I found in It had pros and cons  

And the main con was it has no night vision. Since this article was published they now have nightvision! This company was started using Kick Starter crowdfunding.PetCube was founded in late 2012 and based in San Franciso, and are a global leader in innovation of the Pet home monitoring systems. they belive you can have a healthier pet relationship by interaction and wifi connection to your pet through talk,seeing and playing with them. Technology is growing so rapidly and this really caught my attention. After looking at their product line I was amazed in what we could do with the products they offered.

So okay it is a camera why couldn’t I set up a camera and connect to my PC and monitor them by myself? Well anyone could but here is the great features on The PetCube that Do not get with a simple camera setup.

PetCube offers several product’s, not just a camera!

So here is what Petcube has in the Home pet Monitoring wystems with WiFi technology.

Get $20 Off Petcube Camera

  1. Petcube Play
  2. Petcube Camera
  3. Petcube Bites (AVAILABLE SOON EARLY 2017)
  4. Petcube Care

I am only going to show the overview and specs on the Petcube Camera. You can look at all the other ones they offer as you visit the links below. I watched alot of the customer reviews and videos on PetCubes website they really got a great product! The price was really good compared to other company’s I came across when researching PetCube.The PetCube Bites was a cool product being able to dispense treats to your dog or cat from your smartphone as you see and talk to them. I seen another product like that which was on Shark tank the TV show a little girl thought of a pet feeder but was not quite advanced like PetCube is her idea was putting another smartphone onto a feeder made product she came up with. the Sharks did not pick up on her offer which i felt bad for the little girl.It was an awesome idea if she only would have got more help from engineers in the digital arena she may have got a jump on everyone.

This Petcube play is priced Normally at $199.00 but Holiday special has it on sale! Get One Now HERE for $179.00

Comes in 3 colors Matte Silver,Rose Gold or Black. Plus you can Save $70.00 on buying a Pair!

It comes with a 30 day guarantee and a 1-year Warranty Plus FREE STANDARD USA SHIPPING!

Who is to say that the makers of PetCube didn’t see this on Shark Tank and new the right way to go with it.

The First Review is The Petcube Play an interactive camera that lets you see,talk to and play with your pet using a built in laser light.

This is considered the next generation of award-winning pet cameras. It lets you play with your pet via smartphone.

Product overview:

Petcube Play is the next-gen version of Petcube’s best-selling original laser pet camera, now with 1080p HD video, night vision, enhanced Bluetooth connectivity, and a more compact design.

Technical Specs :

Design                                  petcube-play_cat_gameplay

Brushed aluminum casing

3x3x3 inches

1.3-pound weight

Standard mounting bracket



1080p HD Camera

138° wide angle camera

2-way audio stream via built-in microphone and speaker

Night vision



Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz / BLE module



Built-in 5mW 3R class laser,certified and safe.Requirements:

Setup Requirements

Broadband Internet connection (2 Mbps upload recommended)

Wi-Fi network                                                       Petcube for Adroids Users Smartphone (4.3 or greater)android_playscreen

Available power outlet

iPhone (iOS 8.0 or greater)    Petcube for IOS Users7_home-feed-profile_petcube-app_3-0_p-png

AndroiSmartphone (4.3 or greater)

Subscription options



  • Sign up for Petcube Care, the cloud recording video service that provides up to 30 days of timeline history
  • Video recording is automatically triggered by sound, motion, autoplay mode, and interactions with your pet
  • Depending on the plan you choose, rewind and play back 10 or 30 days of video history
  • Every Petcube camera device comes with a free 30-day trial subscription


All Petcube camera product owners can activate a free 30-day trial of Petcube Care. After that, subscriptions are available for 10 or 30 days of video history and can be monthly or annual.






So I am investing in this! I like the reviews petcube gets. I like the price Right now is $179.00 Normally $199.00 plus may get the twin pack and save an additional $70. I really want the petcube Bites as well,It looks like a great way to make our Nikki Happy during our time away. We here at are devoted to the health and wellness of our pets. Part of that wellness we belive is making our pets not get stressed or bored or into trouble when we are not at home.

Lets face it pets are family and like our children. They can get bored and curious which can lead to trouble. this is an awesome technolgy that provides us with seeing and talking and even playing with our pets. it makes them healthy with the excercise of their body as well as their minds. then add in the safety of your home with monitoring anything going on that shouldn’t be with your pets or even intruders.

Plus add in friends and family able to join in on the social app along with other owners pets if posted in the app. Even Pet Shelters and Rescues are engaging in this feature to help keep the animals in their shelters active and entertained! That is great it will also lead to pet adoption as well which is even better! That is so cool. There are alot of benefits in owning Petcube The WiFi Technology camera gives everything at your fingertips control with your smartphones and having the sight as well as talk makes it better! so We give this a 5 Star rating! Take advantage of the sale Now Right here





Get $20 Off Petcube Play



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