Best Diet Tips For Your Dog-Keep Your Pooch Healthy!

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Best Diet Tips For Your Dog

Things to do to keep your pooch Healthy and Fit.

I came across an article and thought I would pass it along to all you Dog lovers. this was a story posted by FOX 28 News Online, and it had a lot of good points.

Overweight dogs are prone to have a lot of health issues just as we humans do.Obesity can lead to Heart problems, canine Diabetes, which is on the rise! Cancer and constant fatigue, and all of this are life shortening. We tend not to think about what we should feed our pet from table scraps, sweet, and fatty stuff which are really bad for us as well as our dogs. We all know what’s right, but we tend to brush it off then we are visiting the veterinarian often with health issues, etc skin issue. Why not be smart and feed our pets Good foods? Seriously they only will eat what you give them right? It’s not like they can’t get it themselves so we are to blame really.   

Along with proper nutrition and exercise will let your dog live longer and be with you and your family. Plus it will decrease veterinarian visits saving you money and time off work having to care for them.

Rib Test
Here’s a simple way to see if your dog is overweight: run your hands down the side of your dog. If you cannot easily find your dog’s ribs, your dog needs to lose weight.

Get a Pro Involved
Make sure your pets’ weight gain isn’t something more serious, like a heart, thyroid, or other metabolic disorder.

Big-Boned Breeds
Many reliable sites have charts that show how much your breed of dog should weigh. Check out the VCA Big Pet Project. You can get information on average weight, calorie intake, and ways to help both your dog and cat stay fit.

Wolves Aren’t Overweight
Many dogs are fed free choice – which means food is available 24 hours a day. This is completely unnatural for any mammal. A dog should be fed two to four small portions a day. And the total number of calories for all meals and treats must equal the number of calories desired for weight loss.

Don’t Let Your Dog Nibble or Beg
Your dog has discovered that if they make noise, you give them something. Or, over the course of a day you’ve given your dog several ‘small’ treats. Those small treats add up to one big dog in the end.

Altering Doesn’t Affect Weight
Spaying or neutering does not cause obesity. Any pet, neutered or not, will gain weight if it is over-fed relative to its energy requirements.

Over-Feeding Your Dog is Not a Sign of Love
Many dogs become overweight because the owner’s sign of affection for their pet has focused on feeding. It is an understandable trait, but unfortunately for the dog, it can be a case of too much of a good thing. Direct your attention more toward physical activity than feeding. Think “FETCH” not “FOOD”!

Don’t Train Your Dog to Be a Gourmet
Owners often feed their dogs things like chicken, liver, ice cream, cookies, etc. Although most table scraps are just fine to feed, remember, stay away from bones of any kind! And always check that foods given to your dog are suitable and safe; some common human foods are toxic for dogs.

Little Treats Have Big Calories
Find out the caloric content of commercial treats. You’ll be shocked. One treat can be as fattening as one cup of dog food. Find healthier treats or make your own at home.

Dogs Need Regular Exercise
This can be hard, especially with a Spokane winter, but exercise will improve your dog’s muscle tone, metabolism, and weight.

A Healthy Dog Lives Longer
Healthy animals live an average of 2.5 years longer than overweight ones. Help your furry friend live longer and live a healthier life with good food, lots of exercises, and a loving home.

Caring for their health


In conclusion Follow these tips for a better healthy life for your dog. feed them a better quality food doesn’t get stuck on the size of the bag and lowest cost. In the end, it will cost you more in Vet bills and shorter time with your loving pet. Please leave a comment as always we love your feedback as well follow us on social media and SHARE Our Site! We are growing and adding new articles weekly.

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